If you are a beginner in the word of art, you have to get familiar with the various art styles that exist. Different forms of art capture the attention of the audience easily. The diversity gives you the chance to decorate your home based on personal preference. Some of the popular styles include the following.


Unlike other forms of art, this style is unique in that it does not depict real things, a particular place, or even a person. Understanding abstract art is, therefore, not easy for people who don’t have much experience with art.  Artists that specialize in abstract art tend to paint different shapes, colors, or sometimes gestural marks. You may even find abstract art that is made up of random splash. People interpret this form of art in different ways. Placing abstract art in an area that experiences a lot of traffic can boost the imagination of an audience. Most people also consider abstract art to be quite eye-catchy.

Modern art

Most of the online galleries, such as artcentralafrica.com, have a lot of modern art pieces that you can pick from. Modern art represents productions that were made between the 1860s and 1970s. Artists that create contemporary art do not follow the traditional techniques of producing art. Defining modern art is a bit challenging since this represents a particular period rather than the type of art itself.

The artist tries to portray a certain subject, just like it exists in the present. Artists that specialize in this style portray their own unique perspective in this form of art without necessarily abiding by the traditional values. Most people choose this form of art since it embraces some strong colors and lines, giving images a fresh perspective.


Artists that create impressionist art make use of brushwork and light to show the essence of a certain subject. Through their artwork, they can easily tell a particular story without depending on realistic depictions. They focus on the physics of color to tell a story according to their own perception. Choosing an impressionist print for your study room can give it a sense of place and time.

Pop art

Most people, regardless of their age, love pop art since it speaks a common language to people from different generations. Pop artists make use of images of mass media and culture, such as advertising, comic books, and even movie stars. If you have a small home and would like to decorate it with art, choosing pop art can help you make your home stand out. This style of art is suitable for contemporary and minimalist d├ęcor.


Most of the narratives are often illustrated through fantasy art. If you have young kids, incorporating fantasy art into their rooms can help them boost their imagination. This style of art makes you escape into mythical lands since it features things such as dragons, fairies, or unicorns. It can also add a sense of romance to your bedroom.

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